Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Invented Proverbs - Part III

  • People fear confrontation, not because it requires courage, but because it could give them answers to their problems and then, there would be nothing to rant about
  • Of all things "Made in China", I like their "Proverbs" the most
  • Never judge a decision by its results
  • Be context sensitive in making judgments, but your commitment to "context sensitive"-ness should be context free.
  • One of the biggest truth of life is Peer Pressure. Check yours to see if it is positive or negative.
  • Blind Faith is better than False Rationality. It is obvious better to believe in something with a reason than believe blindly. But it is better to believe in something blindly than believe something with a reason that is downright false or concocted to rationalize the belief.
  • There is one thing common between Cute Kids and Dirty Politics -- Redundant Adjective
  • GOD's purpose with creating religion would be complete the day, footwear stops getting stolen from outside places of worship
  • The biggest damage done to public images of historical figures is by their over zealous followers
  • True sense of justice lies not only in ability to chose between right and wrong, but also in realizing that in some situations, such a choice need not or should not be exercised