Friday, September 17, 2010

Harry Potter, The Defense Against Dark Arts and the Seven Unwanted Vices

For those who have been following the "Harry Potter" series (books/movie) religiously, would be well versed with the fact that Harry and friends had a subject called "Defense Against Dark Arts" all along their education. Also the fact that the job of the "Defense Against Dark Arts" teacher was jinxed , and hence no Professor remained in the position for more than one year. This meant that each year we had a new Professor for the position and consequentially the scope of introduction of a new charachter each year/book.

I realised a small observation regarding the people who took up the post each year. Apparently each of the seven people, were charachteristically different from each other, and exhibit some charachteristic unwanted vices (unwanted in the sense that we wouldnt want it in ourselves) .

  • Quirrell, in the first year, is some-one who is cowardly and spine-less
  • Lockhart, in the second year, is some-one who is boastfull and fraudulent.
  • Lupin, in the third year, is some-one who is miserable.
  • Moody, in the fourth year, is some-one who is cranky, Vichitr and actually deceitfull(no more spoilers)
  • Umbridge, in the fifth year, is some-one who is corrupt and un-just.
  • Snape, in the sixth year, is some-one who is vengeful and un-courteous.
  • Slughorn, in the seventh year, is some-one who is lazy and nepotistic.
Just an observation, although some vices apply to others also.

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