Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hariyanvi Mehta

Had known a guy, junior in college for some time now, around 10 months now, is a Mehta.
Came to know that he is a Hariyanvi from around Sirsa.
Weird, I thought Mehtas were supposed to be only Gujaratis.
Anyways :)


  1. I thought Mehtas are from all over the North... (Hindi belt).

    Kumar, Anand and Rao are also very common all over India, Kerala to Punjab and UP.

  2. I had never met non-Gujarati Mehtas before.
    I do not consider Kumar to be a surname :)
    Anand is universal,
    But Rao only in AP, Karnataka and Maharahstra

  3. I think I stand wrong :(
    Vinod Mehta of Outlook is a Punjabi
    Need to improve my GK :)