Friday, July 10, 2009

On Krishna and Achilles

Was watching Troy yesterday on HBO
Achilles killed by his heel
One more person died similarly, Krishna, an arrow through his foot
Then something struck me
Achilles and the Trojan war was around 12-11 century BC
Krishna and the Mahabharata was around 11-10 century BC

Two legends, two historical wars, two similar deaths, nearly the same time
The connection ends there :)


  1. I never realised both the wars happened around the same time!! Amazing!!

    There were two brothers, Paris and Hector; there were reluctant warriors - Achilles and Arjuna; one diplomatic King Odysseus had the responsibility to persuade the various Kings to join the war; a blind Homer wrote Iliad, there was even King Cronus who reminds one of Kansa,
    "Cronus who becomes aware of a prophecy that he will be overthrown by one of his children. In order to avert this fate Cronus begins to swallow each one of his children as soon as they are born."... more about this here,

    (Link by Poonam in a comment on my blog).

  2. Should not be more than 300 years difference, dates are only approximate.

  3. You are 3000 years wrong in telling year of Krishna's death, because Mahabharath war happened in 5561 BC. As per the Bible which was written by Romans in 4th century to divide the Jews, the world was created 1500 years before Christ. That is why Macaulay and max Muller both East India Company employees came with 1100 BC for Krishna. Science is finding now the right date and history and not his story who has paid for it.

  4. This might help you.

  5. @Andy
    You are entitled to your views. :)

    The academics today, who accept the 2-1 millennium BC dates, are hard-core evolutionist